Express Zip File Compression Software for Windows

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Express Zip File Compression

Easily and quickly compress and decompress zipped files with this tool. The small but simple to use application is fast and doesn't tie up a lot of resources. You can compress large data files for writing them to disc or e-mail as well as decompress zipped downloads. 

Express Zip File Compression Software

Express Zip File Compression Software. An archiving and compression tool to easily create, edit, manage and extract zipped files and folders. Compress files to reduce size for email transmission or archive data using less disk space when backing up information. Fast and efficient file zipping and unzipping lets you create zip files of your important documents, images, music and more to save disk space,email or burn to CD.

Express Zip Software is an easy-to-use File Compression and Archiving software for beginners and professionals. Easily create, edit, manage and extract zipped files and folders fast and efficiently.

Express Zip Software features

  • Quickly create new zip files.
  • Edit or extract existing zip files.
  • Create or open encrypted zip files.
  • Open and extract files from many types of archives including rar, iso and more.
  • Convert archives to zip from other formats.
  • Quickly zip common folders with the Express menu.
  • Email zip files in two easy clicks.
  • Burn archived files to CD/DVD for long term backup.
  • Simple but powerful user interface with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality.
  • PROS

    • Easy to use and install
    • Doesn't hog resources
    • Fast and powerful
    • Slims down backup sizes


    • Compressed files can become corrupt
    • Can trigger antivirus alerts
    • Certain file types take a long time to compress
    • Dated interface

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    Express Zip File Compression Software for PC

    • Trial version
    • In English
    • V 9.59
    • 2.4

    • (59)
    • Security Status

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    • Anonymous

      by Anonymous

      Installs programs and entries to context menu w/o permission.
      Slow, buggy, crashes often. Also, any NCH program will add other NCH programs to your context menu that will not go away until you install and uninstall the programs--which all conta More


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